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Pool Renovation / Remodel

San Diego Pool Renovation & Remodeling

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Pool Renovations & Remodeling Services

There are many reasons to remodel an older pool. There may be repairs, leaks, or a deteriorating interior finish. You may be yearning to add something special because the pool is outdated. Whatever the reasons, a Padre Pools renovation can make a dramatic difference in both function and beauty. We can give your ordinary, outdated pool a fresh new look!

Remodeling- Making Your Pool More Functional

Maybe your pool is in great shape, but just doesn’t seem to offer your family the features or functions that you crave. Don’t despair! We can transform your existing pool in limitless ways. Would you like to add a relaxing, therapeutic spa? Perhaps the kids would thrill over a curvy waterslide or a hidden grotto. We can do that. How about moving steps, adding a tanning ledge, bench or swim-up bar? We can do that too! Do you crave the beauty and tranquility of new water features or the drama and ambiance of fire bowls or color changing led lights? If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality!

Renovation- Updating Your Pool or Spa

Perhaps your old pool or spa is showing its age these days. Does it have cracked decking, missing or broken tile, or chipped plaster? You don’t have to settle for unsightly surroundings. Call in the renovation team at Padre Pools to restore beauty to your pool with upgrades like travertine tile and coping, beautiful, low-maintenance decking in a variety of materials, or durable and elegant pebble-based plaster alternatives.

Does your pool seem to be losing water? Do you have visible wetness around the pool, spa, or equipment? Does the equipment just not seem to be keeping your pool clean? Leaks or old, inefficient pool equipment could be costing you thousands of dollars each year in utility bills- not to mention putting your family’s health at risk or the risk of damage to your home’s foundation or other structures. Call the professionals at Padre Pools today to make the pool you have the pool you want!

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